Alan Axesmith

The Harbinger of Jonahdine


The Harbinger of Jonahdine is Alan Axesmith. He is an arrogant man, but a very skillful warrior. He is completely devoted to the law and will pursue a quarry to the ends of the earth with a tenacity born from loyalty to the Charter of Persephone.

As a harbinger, he has the authority to arrest any citizen of the state of Richelieu as long as he has just cause. He may arrest any suspect, witness or expert of information regarding a crime that has occurred. He may arrest any non-citizen for suspicion of having committed a crime or planning a crime in the future. He may also arrest any citizen or non-citizen for willfully refusing to answer a question put to them for the purpose of performing his duty.

Although he is based in Jonahdine, performance of his duty requires him to travel throughout Richelieu.


Alan Axesmith

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