Maeve O'Malley

A Red=Head whose Hair is No Lie


Maeve is the tavern wench of The Wayward Wench, and it is thought that she was Nancy’s inspiration for the name. She is passionate, which also means that she has a fiery and violent temper. In fact, when dealing with Maeve, it might be wise to first read

Although she is secretive of her past, it is often surmised that she might have been involved in piracy. Beware of her quick and very sharp straight razor which she keeps tucked in a garter.

Even though she is a great beauty, she is also very intelligent. She keeps her ears open, and knows far more than anyone suspects. But she is also mercenary at her heart, and does little that won’t ultimately be to her profit.

She likes the color blue, which matches her eyes. That’s why she’s fond of aquamarines, apatite, azurite, corundum, blue diamonds, lapis lazuli, sapphire, spinel, topaz and tourmaline.

It is rumored that she has access to some magic, although no one has any actual evidence.


Maeve O'Malley

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