Nancy Alesworth

A Wench with a Heart of Gold


Nancy used to run a famous tavern called Nancy’s Harbour Cafe in Cupidity. When that burned down, she took off to the wilderness and set up The Wayward Wench at the very edge of civilization. She caters to the caravans that pass into the Hordelands, the rare few who try to eke out a living in the are and the strange adventurers on various ill-conceived quests. Since she built the tavern, other intrepid people have started to settle in the area.

Nancy is friendly and easy-going. She is very tolerant and has a wonderful sense of humor. She is a very fine cook, and brews ales and ciders that compare well with the best in Chandalar.

She loves flowers and cake. She has a minor addiction to Khaffee. She cannot abide with vermin and insects in her tavern.


Nancy Alesworth

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