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Welcome to the Wild Frontier

This adventure is a sandbox campaign based in a newly founded settlement on the frontier of civilization. All characters are from the civilized world, but find themselves, for one reason or another, attempting to build a new life at the fringe of the known world.
The settlement will grow around you, and you will be called on to carve a place in society as well as assist in building a new world in which to live. Will you be the political leader who grows a mighty dominion? Will you be the military champion whose armies defend against the rampaging hordes? Will you be the burgher who builds wealth and prosperity? Will you be the hero who becomes the scion of a burgeoning new citadel? Will you grow a dynasty?

The World Pangaia

The world has the deities, races, monsters and magic of the combined D&D worlds, but their names and appearances may be different. Undead and vampiric creatures are considered unholy aberrations, and are universally hated. Government is largely a medieval feudalism. Law is maintained through the jurisdiction of Speakers, who govern settlements and boroughs of cities, with hired guards under the command of a Harbinger. Humans, halflings, elves and dwarves are a normal part of society and are visible everywhere. Other races, especially orcs, shifters and dragonborn are present in smaller numbers, but are legally second-class citizen. These “undesirables” are legally forbidden to own property, travel unescorted on the royal roads without permits, and may not carry weapons other than tools used in their trades. The Drow are a special category. The Drow come mostly from the underground caverns of the far North, expecially Ultima Thule. A very few of the Drow have migrated into the Five Kingdoms. They are afforded the same rights as the natural citizens. They suffer from a kind of reverse discrimination, though. They are considered “perfect minorities.” They are greatly valued for their adeptness at magic (especially ice magicks). Their beauty also makes them highly sought after as mates. Halfbreeds are officially and legally full citizens, although there is obviously racial prejudice against them. Women are accorded equal rights in the civilized world and it is not a surprise to see women in every role.

There is a a portion of the world called The Hordelands. It represents the unexplored and untamed. It is inhabited by hordes of primitive indigenous tribes of orcs, dragonborn, goblins, and other undesirables. There are untapped resources in the Hordelands, and trade with the tribes, although dangerous, is very lucrative.

At the border of the Hordelands is a little settlement. It’s small, but its position at the edge of civilization and its proximity to the vast untapped treasures of the Hordelands makes it very strange, exciting and rich with opportunity for the adventurous.

The Wayward Wench, an extraordinary tavern, is the center of the burgeoning community.

Character Creation

We’ll use D&D Next (or Basic, or 5.0 or whatever you call it). If you follow the guidelines below concerning primary and secondary motivations, email me, and I’ll let you know some important details about your character to put on your sheet. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to write one up at the gaming table.

All characters begin at level one when they enter the game. Use the rolling dice method to generate stats. If you come up with a loser character, or an uber character that seems preposterous, feel free to try again. If someone joins the party late, or if someone wishes to start a new character, they begin at level one regardless of the level of the other characters. On the other hand, leveling up will happen very quickly at the lower levels. Characters will not evolve at the same rate, so we may have a level three character and a level one character playing in the same party. Also, if your character dies, he can be brought back, but he will have significant story elements added to his background that will make him more interesting and challenging to play.

Feel free to invent a new kind of background for your character. If you do, the background will provide two skill proficiencies, two languages, and a Feature, which should help your character a little in specific circumstances, and provide some commitments. The Feature is not a power, and should never be something that makes your character too powerful. It’s usually something social.

Your character can be of any race and class you wish. You may use alternate sources to create your race or class. Since we’re starting off with limited materials created at the source, we can make things up as long as they are not out of control. You may begin with any alignment. But remember that you will be held accountable for your actions by the powers around you. If you play an orc, all of civilized society will be against you You will be mistreated and you will probably expect it. No one will trust you, and you will be blamed for everything that goes wrong. You have to play the easy target. Since the Five Kingdoms are an empire, they share much of the same law, with only moderate regional differences. If you have questions about Imperial Law, here are some suggestions.

You must choose a Primary Motivation and a Secondary Motivation. These are the “themes” that will guide your personality and choices. Players may not have the same primary or secondary motivations as another player. You may spend your starting cash on any items or gear that you want. There is no limitation on what you choose to buy.

You need to also decide on a backstory of some sort. The nation you come from has a lot to do with what kind of person you are. Here’s some possibilities for where your character comes from

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