Primary Motivations

Primary Motivations

KaRak has chosen the primary motivation: Curse.
Steve has chosen duty.
Sam has chosen religion.
Jennah has chosen knowledge.
Richard has chosen revenge.
Thomas chose Bloodlust.
John has chosen greed. Is anyone surprised?

These are the driving passions and dominating goals in your life. Choose one. If you have the same motivation as another character in the group of adventurers, you will need to negotiate. The best rule is, if you inform the DM first, you get your wish. Being late means having to take what’s left.

The motivation you choose is a big part of how your character will develop, so its a big deal. If you don’t like any of these motivations, suggest on of your own. With great desires come great rewards, so expect your choice to come with bennies!

The primary motivation will replace on of your four rolled or chosen characteristics: character trait, ideal, bond, flaw. The vanilla versions of these characteristics are nice, but these primary motivations really will change the course of your character’s future, and will probably lead to adventure hooks tailored for you!

You are motivated by a desire to see things dead and bleeding in front of you.
You may not be cautious in battle. You must be brutal. If you bring an opponent to zero, you must take a minor action at your next opportunity to gloat and bask in your brutality.

You want to have a large family.

You are wanted by the law for a crime you did not commit. Agents of the law, if you are discovered, will arrest you.

You have an implacable enemy who hates you. Corbin Starkiller will do anything to see you hurt.

Social Stigma:
You belong to a minority group that suffers from a terrible intolerance in society. You suffer a -5 to all bluff, diplomacy and intimidation tests from anyone not of your minority group, and an additional -2 to any request for aid or information from anyone not in your personal circle of loyalty. In addition, the law forbids you to own any property, to travel without permit, or to carry weapons outside of normal tools for your trade.

Primary Motivations

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