Secondary Motivation

Secondary Motivations

KaRak has chosen the secondary motivation: addiction.
Thomas has chosen Atonement..
Sam has chosen honesty.
Hennah has chosen fitting in.
Richard has chosen reputation.
Steve has chosen Distinguishing Oneself.
John has chosen Hedonism. Is anyone surprised?

A secondary motivation is something about your personality or character that will influence how you act in the game and what you do. It’s not so much about the big life goals of your primary motivation, but more about the kind of person you are. Again, no two characters get to have the same secondary motivations, so choose early and choose well. If you don’t like any of these choices, feel free to come up with one on your own.


You are stylish and you have a need to be color coordinated and accessorized.


It’s all about you and your wonderful awesomeness.


You cannot force yourself to have any association with a certain race or social group. You hate and despise them.


Nothing matters. Some men, just want to watch the world burn. It gives you no pleasure. It’s just the way it is.


You believe that powerful forces are out to get you. This may or may not be a delusion.


You are always looking for a relationship.

Secondary Motivation

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