Tales of the Wayward Wench

Secrets Revealed

Brother Udder and Sister Mart stomp the competition

Brother Udder has discovered what Fate’s Door is and will level up to 2. Mary has uncovered some very interesting knowledge, and levels up also.

The group also welcomed Torrin the dragonborn. Finally, somebody in the group who can swing an axe and chop up bad guys. Of course, you all need to watch out for him. He may be as ugly as a gila monster with leprosy, but he acts like he’s a combination of a heterosexual Fabio and Antonio Banderas. With the IQ of Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

Everyone is looking forward to some time in the settlement of Phandalin, especially since there will be rewards for their labor. Perhaps Udder can find a tattoo artist. Maybe Broder will be able to find someone willing to listen to him drone on about Mishkal. Perhaps Harry Sackville will grow an inch taller so that he doesn’t risk drowning every time it rains. Okay, no one believes that last one.



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